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Hi, my name is daniel pino, I like to illustrate, web development with JavaScript, andi love to

design products


This section is under construction, I am writing the case studies and design process of some projects. It will be available in September 2021. For now, I share with you the last project in which I worked in the research process, interface design and frontend implementation: Biodiversity in Figures – Boyacá is a portal for exploring data on the biodiversity of the region, it is part of the Information System on Biodiversity of Colombia , where I was part of the product team leading the creation of digital products that allow access to open data on biodiversity in the country.

I am currently a Coach at Laboratoria , I am part of a team that design the Bootcamp experience and supports women of all ages in their learning in fields such as frontend development and interface and experience design.

Write me if you want to talk about usability, technology or just to say hello 😉