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Crecmos - Ecommerce Builder


Crecmos is a company builder that provides services to pre-seed startups to build products to reach a new stage.

The goal of this ecommerce-builder is to support small business to quickly start selling and validating products and services without the need to invest in additional technology in the first few months

My participation included: research, wireframes, usability testing and speed prototyping.


  • 1 designer
  • 1 product manager


  • Research report
  • Prototype
  • Components Library (Design System base)
  • Usability testing report.
  • Pitch Deck


6  2-week sprints.


The main challenge in designing for Crecmos was to create a platform that provided a smooth and intuitive user experience while maintaining a consistent design language. We needed to develop efficient flows and patterns that could be easily scaled and maintained as the platform evolved. Additionally, we had to ensure that the design system was simple enough for non-designers to understand and use, as the target audience for the platform was pre-seed startups in Latam.

Write storming / Good, Bad, And Interesting.

UX writing voice and tone definition

Why another ecommerce builder?

In Latam, small businesses often struggle to start selling their products and services due to the high cost and technical expertise required to build an ecommerce platform. Crecmos was designed to address this issue by providing a simple and affordable solution to help these businesses quickly start selling and validating their products without the need to invest in additional technology during the first few months. By making it easier for small businesses to enter the market, we hoped to contribute to the growth of entrepreneurship in the region.

Testing and iterating

Validating the design with users was a critical step in the design process. We conducted multiple rounds of usability testing with our target audience to ensure that the design was intuitive and met their needs. Additionally, we created guidelines for accessibility and low-fidelity wireframes to ensure that the platform was accessible to as many users as possible. By testing and refining the design, we were able to create a more user-friendly and effective solution for our clients.


Our team has made significant progress in delivering a cohesive and efficient design system that can be easily scaled and maintained as the platform evolves. The interfaces are intuitive, and the overall design language is consistent and visually appealing. We have also developed an effective handoff process, ensuring that the development team has everything they need to bring the designs to life. Although the project is still in development, we are confident that our efforts will contribute to the successful launch of Crecmos, and we are proud to have played a part in supporting entrepreneurship in Latam.

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